This on-sale turntable mixes old and modern listening

2021-12-25 09:16:57 By : Ms. Alma Huang

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Though technology is constantly changing, sometimes you just want to listen to a certain genre of music the way it was intended: on a turntable. If you’d like the flexibility to listen to old records in a vintage or 21st century way, the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player is the perfect solution. It’s a full-sized turntable ideal for any record junkie — whether that’s yourself or a loved one this holiday season — and right now, you can save 15% with coupon code MERRY15 during the Christmas sale and snag it for $211.65 (over $150 off the usual price).

The mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player is a quality turntable that truly marries the old and the new, including all the essential components of an authentic analog listening experience, while also having the ability to play via Bluetooth. It’s equipped with a 295mm metal alloy platter, and offers reduced vibrations and signal disturbance, so you (or your lucky giftee) will enjoy high fidelity feedback at all times.

A moving magnet cartridge is pre-fitted and aligned right out of the box, so you’ll enjoy accurate tracking and cleaner sounds powered by a built-in preamplifier, while the adjustable tonearm gives the right adjustments to the counterweight and anti-skating force so tunes are heard without any pesky distortion.

Listen like the olden days, or take advantage of the 21st-century upgrades: namely a Bluetooth transmitter that lets you listen to records on any Bluetooth-compatible wireless speakers or headphones, or the ability to play vinyl and record directly to your PC (so you can take your record collection anywhere digitally… a little less heavy than bringing along the actual records). Customers are loving the flexibility, with happy customer, Kraig, raving, “Versatile! Plays well! Sounds great!”

Use coupon code MERRY15 to save 15% off the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player and grab it for $211.65 — more than $150 off the usual price — this holiday season during the Christmas sale.