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English Name: Cassia seed & Roasted Cassia seedChinese Name: JuemingziLatin Name: Semen CassiaeSpecification : (100%  All Natural, No preservatives added)       Moisture : <10%       Impurity: <1%       As

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English Name: Cassia seed & Roasted Cassia seed

Chinese Name: Juemingzi

Latin Name: Semen Cassiae

Specification : (100%  All Natural, No preservatives added)

       Moisture : <10%

       Impurity: <1%

       Ash: <5%

       Powder: 80-120mesh

Original place: Shandong, Anhui,Jiangsu,Henan,China

Active Ingredients: Total Anthraquinone / Emodin

Part Used:  Seed

Color:     Brown

Package:Double Plastic Bab

Storage: Keep in cool &dry place

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplement


1)Cleaning heat & improving eyesight 

2) Healing red eyes with astringent pain, photophobia and tear, not seeing clearly
3)Healing headache and dizziness

4)Healing constipation and Laxative

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