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Maize Flour Milling Machine Maize Mill Line for Africa30T/D Maize Flour Milling MachineWhat is the technique flow of our maize flour milling machine? 1. Input maize -- maize cleaner -- maize moisture dampener -- degerminator -- roller mill -- plansifte--super maize meal/special maize meal/maize grits -- packing &n

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Maize Flour Milling Machine Maize Mill Line for Africa

30T/D Maize Flour Milling Machine

What is the technique flow of our maize flour milling machine?
 1. Input maize -- maize cleaner -- maize moisture dampener -- degerminator -- roller mill -- plansifte--super maize meal/special maize meal/maize grits -- packing  

 2. Maize Flour Milling Machine control system: Touch Screen control 

 3. Pipe in the milling section is stainless steel 
 4. auto-roller mill and
 5. Japan Degerminator technology 
 6. European Condition dampener 
 7. Bi-direction stainless steel   

Which capacity maize flour milling machine do we have?
Maize millCapacityRemark
HDFM5 MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 5ton per 24hoursmini capacity
HDFM20MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 20ton per 24hourssmall capacity
HDFM50MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 50ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM100MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 100ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM150MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 150ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM500MAIZE MILLprocessing maize 500ton per 24hoursbig capacity  
 Where have we installed the maize flour milling machine before?
20tons/24h maize flour millZimbabwe2009
 RD Congo2015
 RD Congo2011
50tons/24h maize flour millMalawi2016
 RD Congo2010
100tons/24h maize flour millSouth Africa2010
150ton/24h maize flour millKenya 2016
 Zambia 2016
500ton/24h maize flour millSouth Africa 2014
Lifelong oversea services 
Since 2007, we opened the branch office in Lusaka of Zambia, where has a big storage room, easy access to some machines and spare parts for Zambia customers. The manager Mr. Dongpu Guo lives in Lusaka all the year, and if any needs, he can go to visit customers in Zambia and see the site of land or workshop building and give some good advice to customers. We have installed many different capacities of maize milling plant in Lusaka, Kitwe, Mongo, Mansa, Chipata, Solwezi, Kabwe etc. Supplied machines for APL milling, N.R. Investment Ltd, Jimbara milling Ltd etc.
We also put an office in Addis
Ababa of Ethiopia, Kampala of Uganda, Sydney of Australia, and we have an agent from Brazil and Kenya.

Maize flour mill making machine special design according to different maize use different roller mill can mill different maize flour, maize grits, maize meal, etc for African countries. In China factory, we have running maize flour mill making the machine for your visit. 

Certificate of maize flour milling machine
All our machines are high quality and have passed the certification of ISO, CE, BV, SGS, and COC.

Company information

Do our factory is a professional manufacturer of maize flour mill making the machine?
We are the professional manufacturer of the wheat flour mill and maize flour mill making a machine
With European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and maize/corn mill machine. Ds,
The head office of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd is located 4hours driving from Beijing, where we have approximately 100employees, and a manufacturing facility of 30000square meters and 500 square meters of office space. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery has more than 30years experience in milling market. Hongdefa can be your trusted partner in flour milling business


Q1. Can the maize mill line produce different kind of maize meal, maize flour same time?
, the maize mill line can produce different size maize meal or maize flour at the same time at one production line 

Q2. Can the maize mill line
run with Generator? 
, the maize mill line can run with Generator 

Q3. Does the maize meal packing machine can pack different bags?
Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg 

Q4. Does the maize flour mill
make line can process maize and wheat same time? 
, it is because the maize and wheat  Physical Characteristics is different, like the shape, the hardness, all are different, and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner, the roller mill parameter, the plansifter sieve all are different. As the professional manufacturer for maize meal or flour, cannot processing maize and wheat same time    

We supply customized maize flour mill for different clients depending on different client's purpose. like Uganda client wants super white maize flour, Tanzania client wants Pure maize flour, Rwanda client wants fine maize flour and so on. our maize flour mill making machine can really meet your needs, further about the corn mill, please just feel free to ask us. We are a factory!

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