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 Mobile Grain dryer tower gain drying machine  Product Description1.The Features of the  Grain Dryer machine:mobile grain dryerA. simple structure, easy to use. B.high production efficiency, fast drying speed, the grain circulation speed,&n

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 Mobile Grain dryer tower gain drying machine



Product Description

1.The Features of the  Grain Dryer machine:mobile grain dryer

A. simple structure, easy to use.


B.high production efficiency, fast drying speed, the grain circulation speed, high blast temperatu re can be used, but not make the grain temperature too high, the food was in a state of continuous mixing and flow all the time, so the uniform drying, moisture evaporates faster.


C.the tempering drying simultaneously, after high temperature drying of grain in vertical spiral send first vertebral body upper part, for a short period of time the tempering, easy to spread within the grain moisture, conforms to the law of grain drying, is helpful to ensure food quality.


D.the machine use shorter drying period and recovery period of circulation flow, instead of a tower slow flow, the fuselage height decreases greatly.


E.highspeed discharge, easy to feed.Although the dryer intermittent operation, the average efficiency is high, unloading grain only about 15 minutes, drying is not affected by raw grain moisture, moisture is high cycle time, time, moisture low cycle less time.Do not need to cost due to install dryer construction costs.


Sinoder Supply Mobile Grain Dryer Used for Drying Grain, Mobile Corn Dryer, Mobile Rice Paddy Dryer Mobile Maize



2.Grain dryer machine technology data:mobile grain dryer


The temperature that the grain allowed


Grain layer thickness (cm)

 grain temperature permissible heated



Grain as feed


Grain as seeds


Commodity grain(ºC)


















































Total weight(t)


Area size(m)




Consumption of calorie (kcal/h)




Fuel consumption 

Gas                     35m³/h

Biomass fuel              70kg/h

Straw                    150kg/h

Coal                     50kg/h

Diesel                    30kg/h

Total power(kw)


actual power consumption(kw)



One 40HQ


There are 4ton,6ton, 8ton, 10ton, 12ton, 16ton, 30ton can be choose . 



3.The Grain Dryer machine Operating principe:mobile grain dryer

Tower dryer is also called the grain dryers, grain drying machine is an ideal equipment for drying grain and oil, processed products from the top input, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment always in full load condition during operation. After turning inward bottomless v-shaped flap and processing with staggered joint action of multiple rows of "V" baffle, makes possible the mix of processed products, but also as dry air in and out of the channel, the fan will be used gas into the collector, purification, most of the dry air can be recycled, so save the fuel consumption.


Sinoder Supply Mobile Grain Dryer Used for Drying Grain, Mobile Corn Dryer, Mobile Rice Paddy Dryer Mobile Maize




4.The Grain Dryer machine Characteristics :mobile grain dryer


1. Outdoor dryer can reduce building cost

The outdoor dryer needn't build a drying room, small area occupation, shorten the installation period, reduce the cost of the whole equipment; they are very helpful to achieve profitable operations.
2. High moisture paddy or wheat can be dried easily

The internal distribution of "v" shape "hill-shaped multi-tube structure" can circulate mixing grain perfectly, prevent drying inhomogeneous, crackle, over drying etc, high moisture paddy or wheat can be dried easily and the quality can be guaranteed after drying by low temperatures, high winds, comprehensive ventilation structure.

3. Installation working hours can be reduced by semi-products delivery

Many parts have been assembled before delivery, it can reduce installation working hours, reduce the time limit from project and costs on site. In addition, wires and pipe work, wiring material, and the air pipe etc are also carried out simultaneously, when the completion installation of the mechanical parts, they can also be finished together at the same time.

4. Advanced technology in drying industry

The dryer is designed with mixed flow drying principle, resulting in high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and large capacity. By mixed flow and low temperature drying, moisture is reduced slowly and evenly, thus damaging by heating is minimized. The grain is kept in good quality after drying with least cracking.

5. Patented discharge technology.

The discharging is more stable, uniform, without cleaning.

6. Distinctive dust removing equipment
HJ Brand tower type grain dryer utilize advanced dust removing technology, which improves working environment.






Packaging & Shipping

Packing Details: in wooden packaging ,according to customer's requirements 

Delivery Details: Within 5-25 working days after payment confirming



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1.Pre-sale services:

1) Selecting equipment type;

2) Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;

3) Training technical personnel for our clients;

4) Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects.

2.Services provided during the sale:

Respect our clients; present the clients with ease, relaxation and a surprise; devote ourselves to improve the total value of our clients.

1) Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery;

2) Introducing the service system to our clients.

3. After-sale services:

Improve the added value of our products, and let the clients free from the using troubles:

1) Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;

2) Installing and testing the equipments;

3) Training the first-line operators on site;

4) Examining the equipment regularly;

5) Taking the initiatives to eliminate the failure(s) rapidly at site;



Company Information


Zhengzhou Sinoder Indutech Machinery Co., ltd (hereafter referred to as "Sinoder") is a joint-stock machinery developing enterprise group, integrating industrial scientific research, production and marketing. The company is located in the Industry Area Zone of Zhengzhou, China.
The main products cover industrial drying machines, industrial crushing machines, mineral processing machines, construction brick machines, biomass energetic machines, environment protection equipment, food oil press machines and other mechanical equipment. Our key product include stone crusher,sand maker, stone washing machine, ball mill, flotation cell, AAC block plant, rotaty drying machines, biomass burner, coal gasifier, food & oil press machine, packaging machine, breeding machines, fertilizer and pellets machine, agricultural machinery and other machines.

Sinoder Supply Mobile Grain Dryer Used for Drying Grain, Mobile Corn Dryer, Mobile Rice Paddy Dryer Mobile Maize

Q1. What is the drying cost? Is the machine energy-saving? what is the heating fuel?

A:  The fuel can be coal, fire wood, natural gas, diesel oil, rice husk or ther biomass materials.


Q 2. What kind of grain dryers do you have?

A: We have more than 20 models of grain dryer. We have batch drying unit,continuous drying unit  and moblie drying unit,ect.


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